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Knowing what to expect will help ensure you are not disappointed on your special day. Here are 12 important points to think about:

Do you have a written agreement?

Yes! It is very important to confirm your booking in writing. All terms should be clearly defined before the event, to help avoid any future issues.

Do you have backup equipment and DJs?

Yes! Nothing is infallible, even professional equipment can fail on occasion. Make sure your DJ has backup equipment available at all times. People, too, have limitations.Inquire about backup DJs and how replacements are handled in case an emergency or illness occurs.

Are you insured?    

Yes! Be certain your DJ has insurance. Insurance will give you and your guests the security and protection they need, as well as the expensive DJ gear!

Will you listen to my suggestions?

Yes! Many DJs are of the opinion that they know which music is best for their audiences, and consequently won't take requests. The DJ should listen to all requests and play them whenever appropriate.

Will you play the music at the appropriate level?

Yes! The biggest concern voiced by all clients is the volume level of the music. A professional DJ knows to keep the music at a level appropriate for guests, especially during the cocktail hour and during dinner.

Will you dress appropriately?

Yes! Whether your affair is formal, semi-formal or even a theme event such as a picnic or luau, it is very important for your entertainer to look like they are part of the party. Be sure you are able to coordinate their attire.

Do you do more than just play music at the affair?

Yes! Most affairs involve more than just playing music. It is important to have a DJ who is a versatile entertainer. A good DJ should be capable of playing the music, handling all announcements, and coordinating the various ceremonies and activities you may have. More importantly, they are there to help make your event a memorable one.

Can you also provide music for my wedding ceremony?

Yes! Of Course! We have supplied music for many ceremonies. We will personally meet you to assist in choosing the music selection needed for your ceremony.

What time should I expect my DJ to arrive?

Your DJ should arrive a minimum of 90 minutes prior to the arrival of your guests and be ready to play as soon as your guests arrive.

How far in advance do we need to book for a party?

Saturdays are very popular. We recommend at least 12-18 months’ notice. Most DJs sell out very quickly. We suggest you book as soon as you set your date.

How much should we tip our DJs?

Any gratuity you wish to pay your DJ for an outstanding job is certainly appreciated. Many clients tip 20-30% based on their level of satisfaction with the performance. Please pay any tip directly to your disc jockey.

Why would Barattini Productions be my best choice?

By choosing Barattini Productions, you are guaranteed a great time and wonderful memories for years to come! With our lively and energetic DJs and emcees, your party will be one you and your guests will never forget. Don't take our word for it. Just look at some of our testimonials!