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"JC" - VICE PRESIDENT - Lead Emcee

"Great moments are born from great opportunity, and that's what you have here...You were meant to be here tonight. This is your time." Herb Brooks delivered what may have been the most inspirational pep talk heard round the world, one that helped capture Olympic gold. He was known as the best of the best, and his legacy of that speech, that moment, that one unforgettable day, will live on forever.

At every Barattini Productions event where James "JC" Clemente is the Emcee, you can expect committed leadership, amazing moments, and days that no one will soon forget. With over 20 years in the business of making large events into massive successes and small events into spectacular and intimate affairs, with JC on your crew, you're sure to have a big day that exceeds every expectation. In addition to running the show with Kevin "DJ Medic" Barattini at Barattini Productions events, JC also works full-time as Vice President of Sales at CBS Radio. Music has been at the cornerstone of most every success in his life, and has become his passion and drive for success.

"Music can evoke all human senses; it can bring you back to a time from long ago and help you re-live that moment all over again. All guests deserve to be brought back to the best moments of their lives, and we hope to give everyone that experience at each event. Our goal is that the event's guest of honor will hear a song at a future event - may it be their wedding song or possibly the last song at their Sweet 16 - and it will bring them back to a great memory from an event that I was a part of. To know I could have a role in something that powerful just amazes me, and I want to feel that again and again"

JC has performed at some high-profile celebrity events all around the US and internationally! His goal is to continue growing as a person, as a professional, so you can be sure that your event will be the best he has ever done. Every detail will be perfect - from his uber stylish event attire, his keen ability to know what is needed to bring your event above and beyond expectations, and his casual but strong command of your event's structure and timeline. And let's not forget how he will be sure to get every single pair of feet on the dance floor (even dancing some guests right out of their shoes!


If you're a guest at one of JC's events, or better yet, the star of the show, you will understand how much JC loves what he does, and gives each and every guest the experience of a lifetime.

What makes JC so unique is his keen ability to not only see everything that is going on at an event, but to also know what clients are thinking before even they do. He listens to the specific needs and wants of each guest-of-honor, and then customizes every party differently

“No two people or two parties are alike, and they should never be treated that way. I want each of our clients to feel like their party was put together just for them. It’s their day, their moment. They should be given the chance to shine. Family and friends should be dancing until their feet  hurt, singing until their voice is strained, and trying their best to remember the last time they’ve had this much fun! We want all our guests to leave the event wondering when they can do this again, and it is my responsibility to deliver this ‘WOW!’ factor each and every time. I always look forward to making it happen, and seeing the pure happiness in our clients’ faces during and at the end of every event!”

JC has known Kevin Barattini, Owner and President of Barattini Productions, for over 20 years. Their dream of working together in the business has not only come true, but they have watched it skyrocket to the next level. You would be hard-pressed to find another dream team like this duo. Kevin will tell you that JC is the Godfather of Barattini Productions, and like his own personal American Express card - He won't leave home without him! His passion, drive, intellect, and talent has not only molded Kevin into the skilled DJ and businessman he is today, but continues to do so with each member of the Barattini Productions staff.

If you're interested in booking JC, Kevin Barattini , or any member of the Barattini Productions crew for your next event, Contact Us to set up an appointment with one of our experienced event planners.