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MC Urkel - Emcee

Steve K, also known as Steve Urkel, is a one of a kind entertainer who has made a name for himself from the very beginning.  Urkel stands out in the Entertainnment Industry. Urkel began his career twenty-five years ago. He quickly made a name for himself with his energy, tireless work ethic, creativity, and outgoing personality.

Steve Urkel has transitioned himself from one of the top male dancers in the industry to one of the most successful Emcees. He even had a unique opportunity to do an event in London England, a Bat-Mitzvah that featured talent from around the world.

Steve heard about Kevin Barattini and all of the potential for opportunity  within Barattini Productions. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Steve found a home and  has developed his own clientele. He understands the importance of taking one party at a time and making sure that each individual client knows how much he cares about their specific needs. Always a constant professional, Urkel goes above and beyond with his dynamic knowledge of each affair. Having Urkel at your event will always mean you're in good hands and you will be guaranteed to be extremely satisfied with outcome of your party.

He enjoys giving back to worthwhile causes from the Sunrise Group who have events for Kids who have terminal diseases, The Sarah Grace Foundation and  to even organizing food drives to help feed hungry families. Steve believes that he can use his talents to spread cheer, and make others smile!

In his spare time he enjoys staying active, reading a good book or just spending time with close friends.