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Emcee Mike B. is an extremely polished, seasoned professional, and a multitalented entertainer. As a lifelong musician/performer, Mike B. eats, sleeps, and breathes music, as he radiates with a charming confidence on stage. With his extensive years of experience as an Emcee, Mike is a master at making each event unforgettable as he always keeps guests engaged, and is committed to executing every detail seamlessly throughout the flow of the party. His ability to cordially command any room, and charismatic personality, allows him to run each event with a professional and welcoming manner, as his main goal is to ensure that the agenda of each party flows smoothly, and everyone has a memorable time.  He is an expert at reading a crowd, anticipating each moment, and tailoring each event to the needs of each client.  Mike’s musical ability will also enhance your event as he often performs classic tunes on his guitar, while singing during cocktail hours, or even plays percussion during receptions elevating the energy to the highest level.  Mike’s versatility as an entertainer places him in an elite class. He truly loves what he does, and his passion exudes as he aspires to make all guests create priceless memories.  

Somewhere Over the Rainbow on Trumpet